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The “300 Club” fund-raising initiative started life as the “200 Club” in Mother of God Parish in November 1991, initiated by Fr Frank McLaughlin.

For many years, Mother of God had run a “tote” in conjunction with the twice-weekly bingo, but as the bingo declined it wasn’t possible to keep the tote going as many members also supported the bingo, therefore, the “200 Club” was seen as a likely replacement.  The Mother of God scheme was based on similar clubs running elsewhere in the Nottingham Diocese, including the Cathedral.

In November 2003, as St Peter’s and Mother of God shared Fr Eddy Jarosz as their Parish Priest, the “200 Club” membership was increased to include parishioners from both parishes and became the “West Leicester Catholic 300 Club.”

Membership was extended to parishioners of Blessed Sacrament in November 2017, as proposed by Fr John Joe Maloney and Fr John Cahill, which resulted in the full 300 membership being taken up. The committee is now made up of representatives from each of our three parishes.




A thank you to members for their generosity - the year ending October 2021 dividend totals £7,500 – to be split equally between our parishes of Mother of God, Blessed Sacrament and St Peter’s, at £2,500 per parish.

Membership is continuous year after year, unless the committee is advised otherwise.  Subscriptions remain at £5 per month per membership.  Prizes for the year November 2021 to October 2022 are:   Weekly:  1 x £50, plus 2 x £25  -  Quarterly:  1 x £100  -  Year End:  1 x £1,000  plus bonus prizes.

If you would like to join this valuable fund-raising initiative, we may have spare numbers to allocate.  Attached is the Membership Form and, once completed, this can be handed to your parish representative, or via the Parish Office, and a unique number will be assigned to you. 

Members find it easiest and safest to choose standing order for their subscription, and you have complete control to set-up, amend or delete – either on-line or we can help with our Standing Order Mandate form.  Cash or cheque payable to “West Leicester Catholic 300 Club” are also acceptable.


January 2022

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